Taunton Carnival Committee celebrated their efforts over the last 12 months by donating £3500 to various charities and local organisations this month. The Annual Presentation evening was hosted by Somerset County Cricket Club in the Colin Atkinson Pavilion.


“We were very pleased we could give away that much as we were badly affected on Carnival Day by Storm Brian”, said Chairman Marilyn House. “Herculean efforts by the groups and individuals collecting on the night brought in £2500, a wonderful result in the circumstances. Unfortunately this was around £1500 on the previous year.” The main beneficiaries were Carnival charity Love Musgrove and the Alzheimers Society, nominated Marathon charity. Mrs House said the Committee’s aim was to support local organisations “We collect the money from local people and try to put it back into the community through local groups who help us put on the Marathon & Half Marathon, 10k and Carnival. Without their help the events simply wouldn’t take place.”


The groups receiving donations were St John Ambulance; Taunton Athletic and Running Forever Running Clubs; Scout Groups from Central, Staplegrove, Trull, West Monkton and Wilton; Blackbrook Guides, Bishops Hull Army Cadets, Wellington Majorettes, Hamilton Football Club, and Generations Carnival Club.


“We give back 50% of what collecting groups take in their tins on the night”, said Treasurer Roz Swinburne. “It gives them a boost and helps the overall total. This year the CAB, TAH and Performing Arts braved the weather.”


The Carnival Committee is always looking for people to join and help organize the events each year. Anyone interested shoud get in touch by email to

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